Become a VidPro

Video might be the single most important action you can focus on for your social media and digital assets.

In this course you will learn the importance video on social media, to grow your SOI, how to edit, platform requirements, keyword research and more.

Take control of your brand and stand out on social media.


How do you stand out to...

The Power of Video

Video has the biggest reach across all of social media and digital marketing.

If you need to stand out on social media and attract the right attention, video has the biggest Reach and allows you to build Loyalty and Trust with the community.


Video Usage

Video watch hours continue to increase year over year.

Be where the eyes are and look professional with video.

What are you doing now for your brand?

Youtube, Reels, TikTok are all video based.


Videos are Digital Billboards

  • Video works 24X7.
  • Posting a video is like putting a Digital Billboard on your own highway.
  • When it's shared it is put on another persons highway.
  • What happens when there are 30, 50, 150 shares?


Audience Building and Sphere Hacking

  • Each person or business you meet opens you to a new Sphere of Influence.
  • Increase Reach, Grow your Audience, Build Trust and Loyalty
  • Algorithms Reward Engagement. The more views, likes, comments and shares the more the video reaches new audiences. 
  • Enhance your retargeting efforts.

What You Will Learn

6 Modules, all designed to be easy to understand, organized to keep you learning and impactful so you can get the results.

Module 1: The Power Of Video


Youtube attracts more 18-49 year olds than all of cable combined.

More than 1 Billion hours of Youtube videos are watched daily.

19 hours of video is watched online every week per person.

90% of people discover new brands or products via video.

Module 2: How to Edit and Use Graphics

Creating different graphics and where to use them.

Learn how to edit with with an easy online editor.

Learn how to edit with a green screen.

Planning and other considerations.

Module 3: Deciphering Social Media


Learn platform requirements.

How to repurpose your content.

The importance of Ads and Ad Spend.

How to see what your competition is doing.

Module 4: Google and Youtube


Learn the power and reach of Google and Youtube.

Hacks that you're probably not doing now.

Understand the way Google works.

Using Tubebuddy for optimization.

Module 5: B to B Networking with video


Starting and growing a Power Circle who give regular referrals.

Sphere Hacking, how to massively grow your SOI.

Stand out in the community on social media.

The hidden power of Video Networking.

Module 6: Distribution


Best practices on distributing your videos to;

Social Media Platforms, Google and Youtube.

Plus: Your website and blogs and

In your Email Newsletter.



You will learn how to make script, edit a video, graphics, systems, equipment, distribution strategy, video networking and how to put it all together to stand out and generate business.


As you see your videos improve, you'll become more confident. This confidence is felt through out your entire business. You will overcome fear and stay in action mode building your legacy.


Up to 72% of business comes from your SOI. By staying top of mind and bringing good content about the community, they will see you as a trusted local resource to refer their friends and family to.




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